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Forogh tejarat sepid holding

The speeches of Mr. Morteza Khojasteh, the respected CEO of Forogh Tejarat Sepid Holding and the founder of Forogh Production Group and Construction Group.

Forogh tejarat sepid holding

The speeches of the supervisor and executive of the facilities and fire department, Mr. Saghi, about the commercial and office project of Forogh under the group of Forogh Tejarat Sepid Holding.

Forogh tejarat sepid holding

The talks of the manager of Forogh construction project, Mr. Daniyal Fuladi, about the Forogh administrative commercial project and its implementation process. The Forough project is one of the construction projects of the Forough Tejarat Sepid construction group.

Forogh tejarat sepid holding

A video of the ongoing project of the Forough building under Tejarat Sepid Holding


What we do

Fields of work of Forough Tejarat Sepid Company Click to collaborate and get to know more about the company's departments

Production Group

The production group of Tejarat Forogh Holding Company includes Liamoon production companies that produce Food oil, Hoshikawa chain restaurants group, cement factory, sugar factory.

Construction Group

Forogh Construction Group is a new branch of Forogh Tejarat Sepid Holding with the aim of creating a safe and luxurious environment forThe exclusive business of customers has entered the field of construction in the form of a commercial and office environment.

Commercial Group

The commercial department of Forogh Tejarat Sepid Holding Company produces and distributes food products domestically. the commercial department in the internal part is responsible for establishing business relations with suppliers and customers, and in order to increase sales and increase the company's market share, it works in advertising and sales.

Investment Group

In this period, Forogh Tejarat Sepid Investment Company is committed to creating vertical and horizontal added value and promoting participation within and between the network of holdings and related to the development of the portfolio of assets and products, leading to the development of productive and sustainable investments in support It is the activities of stakeholders and shareholders


About US

Forogh Tejarat Sepid Holding

Trading Holding started its official activities in 1991 under the name of Khajaste Trading in the field of wholesale and distribution of bakery raw materials, wholesale of food products nationwide, and production of edible oils. In 2020, with a different approach towards productivity and business expansion, the company changed its name to Forogh Trading Holding.


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